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News: My work "The Star Gazer" took a third-place finish at the Stamford Photography Club's November competition. 


News: I have a new opening at the Child Guidance Center in Stamford, CT.  I have six works that are going to be up for the next 3 months. 


Also, I just got back from the Adirondacks where I went on a photo shoot on Friday night in the middle of the Orionid Meteor Shower.  These were/are some of my very best night shots to date. You can check out the shots here: here.


What's your point of view?

It's the job of any good photographer to present common things in the world from a different point of view - one that you can't see in everyday life.  LuminantPix is all about "point of view".  In the following pages, we hope you will find photography from new and different points of view - from aerial drone to underwater, to astrophotography, to time lapse sequences.  From our perspective, it's all about new points of view.  

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Lisa Miller(non-registered)
Amazing and astounding views captured by an incredible eye. The night skies are simply breathtaking.