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News: Thank you to all of you who came to our art/photography opening at Atria of Darien this evening.  We had a nice group show up - some folks came from as far away as Fishkill, NY.  


Photos from the show can be viewed here.  Liron Sissman's work can be viewed here.


What's your point of view?

It's the job of any good photographer to present common things in the world from a different point of view - one that you can't see in everyday life.  LuminantPix is all about "point of view".  In the following pages, we hope you will find photography from new and different points of view - from aerial drone to underwater, to astrophotography, to time lapse sequences.  From our perspective, it's all about new points of view.  

All images on this site are for sale for personal use.  If you see something you might want to use for a commercial purpose, please contact us at: Steve@luminant-llc.com

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