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Competition Shots
Sterling Sunrise - DRPP - Sept 2017The Power of One - SPC Nov 2017Coupling - SPC Oct 2017Boarder Line - SPC Feb 2018Glacial Lake - SPC Sept 2017Canyon Grace 2 - DRPP Dec 2017The Golden Ratio.Board - DRPP Dec 2017Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil - SPC - Nov 2017Story Book Ending - SPC Nov 2017Road to InfinityTo Infinity and BeyondMother and Child Reunion - SPC Jan 2018Happy Birthday to US - DRPP Sept 2017Away in the Mainger - DRPP - Sept 2017Justedal Rainbow for Competition.jpgLAB_4242.jpgHow Quiet the Night, How Still the Stars - DRPP Dec 2017New York State of Mind - SPC Feb 2018PB240530.jpgTwist and Shout - SPC Oct 2017